How to Download Source Code

How to Download Source Code

Amaze offers the ability to download your published projects' source code, enabling you to host your projects from your hosting provider, such as Bluehost or GoDaddy.

Publish your Project

Only published projects can be downloaded.

  1. Select the project you want to download and open it in the editor.
  2. Click on the Rocketship publish button in the top bar above the Right Inspector . 
    Publish button for an unpublished Project
  3. If your project is unpublished the indicator will be red
  4. Click on the blue Publish button in the message window to publish your project. 
    Publish Project Dialog Window
  5. The indicator next to the Rocketship will turn green. 
    Published Project shows Green Indicator

Download Source Code

Once your project is published, you can download the source code. This can be done either from within the editor, or from the My Projects section of the Homescreen

Download from the Editor

  1. Click on the Share button located above the Right Inspector, next to the Rocketship button 
    Click on Share Button to Download Source
  2. From the dropdown, select Download Source 
    Download Source Dialog

Download from the Homescreen

Published projects will have a green indicator next to their thumbnail in the My Projects section of the Homescreen.  

Green Indicator of Published Project

  1. Click on the three buttons next to the published project's thumbnail to download the source code. 
  2. In the pop-out menu, navigate to Share --> Download Source 
    Click on Download Source from the Share Menu
  3. The Downloading Source dialog will appear.

Your code will be packaged into and saved to your local computer, ready to be unpacked and transferred to your own hosting server.

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