Sharing your Project Link or QR Code

Sharing your Project Link or QR Code

Amaze offers several options for quickly and easily sharing your project, including a QR code and a unique URL. You can access these options in the Share drop-down menu located on the top right side of the editor.

Your project must be published to share. For help on publishing see How to Publish, Update and Unpublish your Project.

Sharing A Link To Your Project

  • Click the Share button in the top bar to expand the Share drop-down menu.
  • Click Share Link 
  • Click the copy icon next to the destination URL to copy it to your clipboard.
  • Paste the copied link into your email, messaging app, or anywhere else you want to share it.

Sharing the QR Code

  • Click the Share button in the top bar to expand the Share drop-down menu.
  • Click the QR code option from the expanded Share menu to view the QR code 
  •  Take a screenshot of the code to share with others.

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