Shoplink FAQ

Shoplink FAQ

The Amaze Shoplink integration takes all the hassle out of selling products from your Shopify catalog on your amaze pages. It allows you to sync products from your store to your Amaze account so that you can create completely custom mobile shopping pages to showcase your products.

Shoplink also keeps all product data synced to Amaze up to date with any changes to product title, image, price or variant options that you make in Shopify as well as changes to inventory or product availability.

No. Shoplink only allows you to publish mobile shopping pages to your Shopify store. Your desktop and tablet designs will not be published.

What data is synced between Shopify and Amaze?

Product image, title, selling price, variant options and product availability is synced from Shopify to Amaze. Any changes made to this information in Shopify will be updated on load of the published page, live preview and the Editor.

Do I need a Amaze account?

Yes, to get started with Shoplink, you need a Amaze account. If you don’t have one already, you can sign up for one here: Amaze - Your secret to building no code, mobile, Shopify landing pages on the fly.

Can I connect multiples stores to one Amaze account?

Yes, you can connect multiple stores to one Amaze account but you can’t connect multiple Amaze accounts to one store.

At this time Shoplink does not support access to Customer Accounts.

Most other third party Shopify apps will not work with Shoplink because the Shopify API doesn’t expose third-party app data. Apps that modify the checkout page or inventory levels should may work, but apps that modify the front end of your store won’t. The best way to know for sure is to install the app and try it out.

Can I import my theme into Amaze?

No. Currently there’s no way to import your theme or theme styles into Amaze.

Why are all/some of my products in the Disabled Products list?

After syncing products from Shopify, your products will be disabled if they are not available on the Famous Shoplink Sales Channel. Learn how to make products available to Shoplink here.

If I disable or delete a product in Shopify will it be disabled or deleted in Famous?

Disabled or deleted projects will be replaced with the graphic below on published pages, in Live Preview and on the Canvas. Disabled or deleted projects will not in the Shoplink menu.

Can I edit my Shopify products within Famous?

Synced data (image, title, price, variant options and availability) can’t be edited in Famous but you can modify styling and layout as well as apply object animations.

Can I push changes back to Shopify?

No. Shoplink only provides one-way syncing from Shopify to Famous.

How does the checkout process work?

Shoplink does not handle any portion of the Shopify checkout process. When a customer clicks the checkout button, they’re redirected to your store’s Shopify checkout page to complete their purchase. You can learn more about the Shopify checkout process here.

Your pages will remain published to your store as live pages.

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