Does Famous Integrate with Other Website Builders?

Does Famous Integrate with Other Website Builders?

What is Famous? 

Famous is a standalone tool for creating and publishing high-quality, single page mobile websites tailored for specific digital ad campaigns.  These pages help drive visitors to your main website or storefront, and are vital to the successful of your digital marketing campaigns.  

Does Famous integrate with other website builders? 

Famous does not currently integrate with traditional website platforms like SquarespaceWix, and WordPress. While these tools are great for building out a monolithic website or your eCommerce store's digital presence, Famous is a tool for quickly creating single page mobile websites to amplify your digital campaigns. 
While there is no direct interaction between Famous and any website building or hosting platforms such as Squarespace or Bluehost, you do have the ability to download your project's source code in a compressed zip file which you can then upload to your hosting provider. Each provider has their way of doing this, but typically this is done using a program to connect over FTP. We have put together a document to help get you started:  Hosting Your Famous Page.

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      Famous has a small network of freelance designers and agencies to help Shopify merchants build or enhance their Famous pages. Famous will help match you with one of these designers based on your budget and style. To inquire, please ...
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